Monday, August 26, 2013

From Summer to Fall Makeup

Fall in Southern California

       Oh my, I can't believe August is on the verge of ending and we will be in the month of September in just a few days!  2013 slow down please! I went to the mall the other day, and Halloween covered the shelves of many stores, along with sweaters and jackets, hinting that Fall is around the corner.  
   Since I live in Southern California, I know the weather change isn't going to be as extreme as other parts of the world, but it will be a little cooler;) 
    My Summer to Fall Make-up Transitions usually consists of the following 4 practices:

       1.   Matte Face:  During these last summer months, I have been all over BB Creams.  It's lightweight, has SPF, and covers most blemishes on my face.  BB Creams worked well with my skin this summer, but as fall is fast approaching, my face needs something less dewy and more matte.  I usually just add a powder to set my bb cream and/or foundation.  This one locks in my bb cream & keep my face matte.

      2.   Bold eyeliner-  I love to darken up my eyeliner in the Fall.  When the nights become longer,  I am more apt to wear a winged eyeliner.  A Cat-Eye is appealing to me, especially on a night out on the town;)

        3.   Red or Plum Lips:  I just love the look of dark red lips.  Red Lips remind me of Gwen Stefani.  Her Fall 2013 Apparel collection appears to consists of Plaids and dark colors.  Red Lips will definitely tie in with the upcoming Fall Fashion.  

4.  Fall color Nail polishes:   Time to put aside my neon and pastel polishes.  
My go-to Fall Nail Colors are usually black, gray, matte orange, and red.  
However, I am loving the color purple on nails for the Fall.  
Currently I am sporting black and an accent purple.  

Check out these lovely artists' Easy Ways to transition your makeup from Summer to Fall:)


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