Monday, December 9, 2013


     December is the month of many parties for the holidays.  I know it can get pretty hectic with invitations from friends, families and co-workers.  I especially don't have any time 
or extra money to get my nails done this month, with all the shopping
 I need to do for Christmas presents.  
     Last month, I received the Kiss Gradation Polishes Set complimentary from
 Influenster to try out.  It says on the packaging "3 Easy Steps".   
This set comes with 3 monochromatic polishes that you can
 apply to create an ombre look with a splash of glitter. 

 On the Kiss USA website they offer four shades: 
Film Noir, Exposure, Big Break and Freeze Frame.
  The set I have is the Film Noir, which all the polishes are 
in the "Shades of Gray" family…lol!
Here is a step-by-step demo of how I applied it on my nails:

     First and foremost, I recommend to apply a base coat on your nails before layering all these colors.  This will help the colors stand out and last longer,
 as well as protecting your nails from getting stained.  
              I already applied a base coat.

The instructions on the back of the box are easy to read and simple to follow.

STEP 1- Apply two coats of Step1 polish, let it dry.

This formula has lots of shimmer and applies on nice and smoothly.

Here is Step 1 completed.

Step 2 - Apply one coat of Step2 polish on tip of nail only; approximately 1/3 of nail.
   Step2 polish is a darker shade of gray with shimmers in it.  
The look is starting to come together. 

STEP 3- Before Step2 polish is dry, apply one coat of Step3 polish on top of 1/2 of nail to blend colors.  Let it dry completely. 

      Step3 polish is another shade of gray with tons of glitter and sparkles in it.
 This color will help blend the first two colors together. 

 And tada!! Here is the final look:

  I just love how these polishes created this fancy ombre look on my nails, and with hardly much to it!  This set is completely easy to use and is inexpensive.  Prices can range from $5.99-$6.97 at your local Wal-Mart or Target.  This look lasted just about 6 days for me before I had to take off the polish and redo my nails.  

I highly recommend this remarkable set!  It is an exceptional addition to my nail polish collection.  I cannot wait to try out the other colors!  I know I will be using this quite frequently throughout this very social winter season.  

I have also filmed and uploaded a video demo using this kit on
 my You Tube Channel. Check it out here!

FTC Disclosure: I received this Kiss Gradation Nail Polish Kit complimentary from Influenster for review purposes.
 All opinions expressed are completely my own.