Tuesday, May 24, 2016


Yoga day 2 down! So last Thursday I made it to the Yin+Reiki+Meditation yoga class.  Ahhh....This class was more my pace as a newbie and I actually felt good! 

                                                     PHOTO CREDIT: IMPRINTED IMAGES

       It consisted of relaxing “spa” music, yoga poses that stretched out and challenged my body, and some meditation. The instructor's calming voice helped get us into a state of mind where you just let everything go and be where you are. We also used props such as 
blankets, pillow bolsters, and blocks to help with some poses.
 I felt accomplished and relaxed after the class.

       To top the night off after class, I turned on my doTerra diffuser as soon as I got home. Added in a couple drops of lavender essential oil in it and it just helped 
extend the peace I was feeling from class. 
 I am starting to feel this yearning to keep going. This coming week, 
I have signed up for 2 fitness classes Zumba Sculpt and another Yin+Reiki+Meditation class.  So looking forward to it! Giving myself a thumbs up for last week!=)


                                      Video + Photo Credit: Taken by yours truly;)

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