Sunday, May 29, 2016


This week I attended 2 fitness classes. On Wednesday night, May 25th, 
I went to Zumba Sculpt class. Ahhh, this class is powerful! Sweated like crazy as expected!
 It was awesome! The following day, was Yoga Day 3 for me.
 I was awaiting this class all week. Right after work, 
I changed into my "workout" attire, and made it to the 7:30 p.m. class. 

There was a sub-instructor, named Naomi who led the class 
through Yin+Meditation. She told us that there would be no Reiki that night, 
 I was totally fine with that, especially with my new found interest in doTerra.  

          We began the class in Shavasana aka "Corpse Pose", laying flat on our backs.  
  This pose helps promote relaxation to the mind, body and spirit. 
 As we continued on in the position, we were told to close our eyes
 and let go of our bodies.  To feel like you are floating.  
To forget everything and just feel the now.

  I was at ease in this class.  I am feeling more at ease being there.  
I felt like I could relax deeper.  Let go of everything even more. 
We went through many other poses.  During one of the poses, 
she came to each of us with the scent of lavender + orange.  
The aroma was calming and rejuvenating at the same time.

 The word I took from that night's class was "surrender".  
To surrender myself to each pose. To surrender myself in life, 
in the times that I need to.  Another word, I took away from Yoga day 3 is "grateful".  
To be grateful for everything.  Grateful for life. Be grateful I made it to class.  

      I had referred my sister-in-law to this studio
 and since she attended, I received referral points. Whenever you attend class
 you also receive points.  I love the incentives of this studio!  
Also, she ended up loving it too!


      This week was busy with work and trying to make it to classes after work.  
But it was so worth it.  I feel excited even just planning what classes I'll be taking next.  
I was so excited this week, that I forgot to take a photo before class. 
So here's a couple of photos of me after class.  See you on Yoga Day 4!!


                                 Photocredit: Imprinted Images


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